Eating my words…. and why not? I eat everything else!

Dom Perignon on the Beach the best way to drink it!

Big catch-up time – June was awesome, it’s my birthday month… which means lots of lovely get-togethers with family and friends and fortunately, as lockdown rules were relaxed in June – I was able to see everyone, so there were not one but two pizza parties in the garden and then my friend came down from Yorkshire and stayed over, so dieting and eating correctly ceased to be a thing!

There was much fun and laughter – mostly sunny days but even the rain didn’t stop play!

Frizzy hair and Fizzy under the brolly!

While a lot of pizza and cake was consumed throughout the last two weeks of the month – I think the alcohol tipped the whole thing over the edge – but in-between I have eaten a very clean keto style diet – no processed foods and avoided sugar – although I’ve enjoyed 85% dark chocolate in moderation – I’ve not had any lapses, I’ve kept portion sizes reasonable and I’ve increased my water intake.

The drinks trolley was ready!

After my party fortnight… I got my act together at the beginning of July but I’d gained several pounds due to the aforementioned two-week indulgences – so I was worse than back to square one!

Also, I had my blood sugars tested – 7.9 on average – this has really worried me because my mum is a type 2 diabetic and previously even when I was at this weight a couple of years ago – my bloods were never more than around 5, so I’ve been concerned about that and it’s made me more determined to sort this problem out.

On top of that, I saw myself on video first thing in the morning, not good at the best of times but… I’m having serious problems walking when I first get out of bed, and I find negotiating the stairs a nightmare – as the day wears on I’m slightly more mobile until towards the evening – anyway I caught a glimpse of myself hobbling into the lounge and it was a very sobering sight – I know there is a huge movement for body confidence – that size should not define you etc and I agree – but don’t ignore the associated health issues – I’ve heard the excuses ‘skinny people get ill too’ but the fact is, if you can avoid a weight related illness – then why wouldn’t you? I will still have prolapsed discs in my back even if I were 10 stone, BUT I can tell you they wouldn’t hurt as much they do when carrying  an excess 5 stone  and that’s a fact I’ve experienced!

I think it’s been made worse since breaking my foot, as that stopped me from exercising and it’s now a definite weak point!

Anyways…. where was I? Ah yes… going back to the beginning of July I got back on track with healthy eating but I still wasn’t shifting the weight – I felt really stuck again – so I decided to go back to Exante (even though I pretty much said I wasn’t going to…) which I began on Wednesday 14th July (I did make an earlier order but there was a blip with delivery which I have to say Exante went the extra mile and resolved)

Breakfast in the garden – Exante iced coconut latte

Now on day four  I can honestly say day three was the worst so far – I felt miserable, hungry and tired to the point that in the evening I did cave in and have a small portion of new potatoes and mayo with my salmon and green salad – but I’m hoping I’ve pushed through that barrier as I feel much better so far today.

I’m having 3 shakes a day, and a 400 calorie low carb dinner – I know this is generally considered an 800 calorie diet but I’m starting on 1000 – because I don’t mind taking this journey slightly slower… but if needs be I have room to cut down to 800.

One more thing before I sign out – I’m considering beginning a youtube channel so I’ve just purchased a DJI OM4 – more updates on that soon!

Excited about my new DJI but
the technophobe that I am is
struggling to use it!

Have a fabulous weekend – looks like the weather in the UK is going to be pretty awesome this weekend so have fun but don’t forget your sun protection!

Cheers for reading this! Thank you!

Nutritional Life Style Changes

(featured photo Marilyn Monroe by Bert Stern – 1962)

It’s been just over two weeks since I overhauled my eating habits and it’s been a slow process to change my deeply ingrained eating habits. Without doubt it is going to be a long difficult journey, reviewing the what, where, when, how and why of food and liquid intake.

The major difference this time will be the fact that I’m not relying on splashing the cash for an organised ‘fix’ such as Exante, WW, SW, etc – I’m taking control and doing what I probably should have done years ago – I’m closely examining the nutrition side of things, reading and watching a lot of YouTube regarding healthy lifestyle including Dr Sten Ekberg who explains things so well – I don’t always entirely agree with some of the points he makes but on the whole I find his philosophy interesting.

At the moment I’m not working on losing weight – which sounds counterproductive but I think it’s sensible – I need to re programme my eating habits and the kind of food I’m taking in – including one of my biggest struggles, drinking more water – which I’m focusing on and have downloaded an app to my phone that reminds me to drink.

Once I’ve switched to better options food wise, I’m then going to pay more attention to portion sizes and when I eat.

I’m not quite ready to throw myself into exercise but I know it has to be done – my daughter is giving me an exercise bike, and I will be increasing physical activity in general but at this very moment I’m working on avoiding processed food, eating what I’d call a more Mediterranean style diet (which I’m happy to say is my favourite food choices anyway) eliminating junk snacks and milk chocolate, sweets etc  and drinking 2.7 litres of water per day – some of which will come from coffee and green tea.

So for the past two weeks I’ve drastically cut back on processed foods – probably by 80% – I’ve gone cold turkey on milk chocolate, snacks, pastries, cakes, sweets etc –  and since Monday  evening I’ve been using the water app.

I truly feel like I’m moving forward in the right direction and one of the best things about this is I’m not throwing any money at the diet industry! I’m unsubscribing from all of the previous methods I’ve used in vain to lose weight and keep it off! Now, that being said – never say never – we have to do what works for us but so far I’ve been on a diet since I was a teenager – my starting weight was 8st (112lb or 50.80kg) and several decades of dieting  later…  my current weight is almost twice that much!!!  So in conclusion… it’s not really been working has it?

Oh…. I feel I need to say this for the record – it’s my birthday soon and also my friend is coming to stay for a few days – I’ve not seen her since the start of the pandemic and we’ve got a lot of partying to make up for – I won’t be giving up Champagne any time soon – just thought I ought to let you know that!

The wonderful Diana Dors!

Cheers! Have a fabulous week!

WARNING… Long Post Ahead!

Time for a LONG chat!

It seems like a good time for a more thorough update – it’s been an incredibly busy year so far – I’ve been a guest on over twenty five radio shows and podcasts talking about my favourite subject – the Bombshells! And of course, yesterday marked the 95th anniversary of the birth of Marilyn Monroe so it feels a pertinent time to tell you all what’s been going on, so grab a cuppa and we will begin!

Two Marilyn Monroe Podcasts Not to be missed!


I was thrilled to be a guest on one of my favourite podcasts ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ which is essentially a modern history podcast that has been inspired by the lyrics of Billy Joel – each episode represents a moment in modern history – and each week Katie Puckrik and Tom Fordyce interview historians, eye witnesses and mega fans – to discuss and explain the history behind the words of the song!

I was delighted to be invited to talk about Marilyn Monroe – you can only imagine my excitement and nerves! It was my first time in a real life studio as due to the pandemic I’d completed all my other interviews via technology from home i.e. phone/zoom etc – it was such an amazing experience to meet everyone involved in producing such a first class podcast and to observe the professionals in action!

I’d love you to listen in to the Marilyn episode but even if you’re not a Marilyn fan there are so many seriously cool episodes not to be missed – you’re bound to find something that interests you!


Another amazing podcast series NOT TO BE MISSED is the fabulous Jo Durrant’s Beautiful Universe! I was so thrilled to have been a guest on Jo’s podcast – to be honest she was so lovely and easy to talk to I could have talked for hours non stop… oops… I think I did! It was great fun and I LOVED her ‘quick six’ at the end!

We chatted about my book and we discussed the lives of all the women in Bombshells including Marilyn Monroe obviously! This is simply a brilliant podcast and again, even if you’re not interested in the Bombshells there are so many fantastic episodes to listen to – you’re definitely going to find something you enjoy. Please take a listen and let me know what you think!

In May, Bombshells Arrived in the USA!

So proud of my Book Baby!

Is it possible that there could be a worse time to have launched a book? The pandemic put an end to any possibility of attending book events – I would have adored to have jetted off to the fabulous USA – to see Bombshells arrive there – but alas, I wasn’t able to have that moment but I was thrilled none the less that my beautiful book baby is now in store and online in America! you can now purchase a copy from bookstores such as Barnes & Noble and of course Amazon USA – I was so excited but the best I could do to mark the occasion was having a photo taken in my Bombshell room at home!

If you’ve read Bombshells and could review it over on Amazon I’d be exceedingly grateful!

Future Projects

It’s been so difficult to stay focused, however I do have not one, but two non-fiction book projects on the horizon that I’m looking forward to sharing with you as soon as I can, actually… make that three projects as I’ve got a novel simmering on the stove waiting for the right moment! It’s a long game in publishing but as Debbie Harry once sang… ‘One Way or Another….’ you’ll be hearing more soon!

Current Work in Progress…

I’m super excited to have been commissioned to work on something very close to my heart but again… I can’t divulge details just at the moment but as soon as I can I’ll be shouting from the roof tops!

In the meantime… TIK TOK!

It took some persuasion but a friend of mine who is also an author convinced me to give Tik Tok a try! I was very reluctant at first but I have to say I am now completely addicted! I love the vibe and the energy of the app and it’s great fun to pop on Bombshell snippets! So if you’re on Tik Tok – you can find me there too! I upload a couple of times a week HERE

Although there is much more to tell, there is so much that’s still under-wraps that it’s too frustrating – but I’ll update you with more information as soon as I can!

Right…. that’s the third coffee gone…. better make another one and do some work!

It’s not Failure it’s Starting Stronger!

All set with NEW food journal – Here We Go!

Well that was a flipping long week! Ha! Right then… here’s the low down…

I freewheeled from Easter until yesterday – I think I’ve kept the major chocolate retailers in business during this pandemic, particularly the last two months since I’ve been blogging AWOL again!

I was petrified to stand on the scales nothing new there I know… with visions of having gained at least 10lbs possibly more – so you can only imagine shock and my joy – when I stepped on the scales this morning at weighed in at 14st 10lb – that’s just around half a pound on from my original weight back in March, and considering I’ve eaten the equivalent of at least a pound of chocolate every day for the last 60 days that’s a blooming miracle right there!

I’ve had no boundaries with takeaways, pastries, just everything I shouldn’t eat – or drink!

So here we are beginning a new month and starting over seems like the best plan – and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

I’m not going to commit to regular blogging this time (as that just seems to set me up for a fall) I’m just going to hope that I can manage it but don’t expect a weekly weigh in anymore! I’m also going to do a separate non diet related post after this one – I’d love it if you stayed tuned!

Wednesday Weigh-in 3

Think I ate my body weight in chocolate!

Well this is not good, but… in a way it is… I stayed the same weight this week, which was without a doubt disappointing but being honest – I didn’t deserve to lose weight – with Easter weekend, John’s significant birthday and getting together with the family in the garden for the first time this year – was a cause for celebration and the weekend was one of Champagne, chocolates, birthday cake and all manner of tasty food that I didn’t want to say no to… and I didn’t say no to!

So the upside is I didn’t gain weight but the problem is… I’m facing similar celebrations this coming Sunday and I have to make a choice – I’m honestly not sure what to do – put life on hold until I’m the weight I want to be or enjoy special occasions to full – it wouldn’t be the same not to raise a glass or five of Champagne etc…

After weighing-in this morning I felt depressed – so much so, that I went back to bed – it’s all been a bit of a struggle hasn’t it, with one thing and another?

This afternoon I gave myself a good talking to – saddled up the dogs and got out of the house! It really helped, had a long walk and went to the pub where Diana Dors had some publicity photos taken in 1949, that cheered me up!

Diana Dors outside my almost ‘local’ pub!

Anyway, almost forgot to check-in but I think it’s really important to keep accountable and it does motivate me x

Wednesday Weigh-in 2

Well, I had fully intended to update this morning with my weight loss, but I’ve been having problems with my phone – I’ve used up all the storage and have had to delete tons upon tons of apps and photos, videos etc, I then sat down to make a video for Insta but kept getting distracted and wasn’t able to finish it – then, one thing after another it was 10pm and I’d done pretty much nothing on social media or this blog!

What didn’t help was that I weighed in each day and had a great weight loss, yesterday I was down almost 4lb and was soooooo HAPPY! But… this morning for some strange reason I’d gained weight since yesterday even though overall I’ve lost weight since starting!!! Go figure!!!

So my official weigh-in recorded a loss of 2.6lb – now, I’d have been over the moon with that if I’d not been scale hopping all week – but because practically each day I’d lost almost 1lb – I was dreaming that today’s result would be in the region of 5 to 6lb off! So naturally there was a bit of a feeling of disappointment and a temptation to lie by reverting to yesterdays result! However, I am on a journey of truth here – so there it is!

Setting out for London beyond nervous!

I’ve been really stressed, I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it – I didn’t sleep Sunday night – I literally was awake all night, and I had to be up at 6.30am to go to London – I had an interview – I’ve done around twenty-five live radio interviews and a podcast from home during the lock-down last year – but this was my first interview in a real life studio with real PEOPLE and not just voices!

I think I was pretty anxious about the interview although I was excited to meet the presenters involved, as I have always admired their work, but going out into the world again and being with people outside of my ‘bubble’ as it were was rather daunting – as I’ve stayed home this year, going no further than the local supermarkets, my anxiety levels were through the roof.

On top of that I couldn’t face eating on the morning of the interview – so along with the sleepless night, these things culminated in me being a complete wreck, with my stomach rumbling like crazy and my head was swirling with other distractions while trying to focus on the job in hand!

When I got home I thought I could relax, and have a good sleep… oh no, there was no sleep for me at all! I was kept awake all night by my mind going over everything that had happened during the day!

Anyway – that’s done now, and I’ve got my first weigh-in behind me, and in all honesty it could have been so much worse – in the past I have been known to start a diet and gain weight at my first weigh in – so all’s well that end well!

Will update again soon! Night night x

Exante Diet Plan – Day 3

Feeling those positive vibes! I did something I haven’t done for an entire year this morning – I had breakfast, an Exante bar and black coffee then I set out on a very purposeful brisk walk on my own!

Good Girl Vibes!

The difference it made to my day was immense – I felt so good for making the decision and putting the thought into action! Of course I’ve been out this year and I walk everyday with the dogs, but it’s more of a gentle stroll than a fast paced effort.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

I’d forgotten how much of a boost purposeful walking is to mental health – I’ve felt so much better today, more positive, with some direction and focus. I can’t deny it was a major physical effort that involved painkillers which as a rule I try to avoid unless it’s unbearable but I felt it was so worth the pain!

Now, having a great day doesn’t mean that I haven’t struggled with the diet because I absolutely have! This morning was fine but by lunchtime I was out of my mind with hunger – and late afternoon I did have altercation with a packet of brazil nuts and a jar of nutella but the least said about that the better!

Other than that little mishap (and to be honest we’re talking 4 nuts and 2 tsp of chocolate spread…) I’ve stuck to the plan so hopefully all is not lost!

Can’t promise that I’ll be as motivated tomorrow but here’s hoping! Talk again soon x

Exante Diet Plan – Day 2

Best food avoidance technique right now, is coming here to journal my day!

It started off really well with a cup of black coffee and an Exante banana bread bar

I love a Disney Villain!

I then got to work at my desk and before I knew, it was lunch time. I decided to have a two egg omelette with some onion, tomato and cucumber for around 200 cals.

It soon became clear in the utility room that Bazza had done something he shouldn’t have… so I abandoned the kitchen for the delights of cleaning up puppy poop! Unfortunately, as I stood up I cracked my head on the bag holder we have on the door – I thought I was going to pass out – the pain was hideous.

However, after a while I had calmed down (I wont lie, I panicked after I googled head injuries!) I had lunch, walked the dogs and run some errands but I’ve also chilled out on the sofa so all in all, apart from a bit of head banging I’ve had a nice relaxing day.

I’ve also been thinking about generally taking more care of myself. I’ve not been to the hairdressers since March 2020, and obviously there have been no visits to the beauty salon either and I’ve not had my nails professionally done for a year either – which has caused a massive problem for my hair – long and complicated story, which I will blog about eventually.

Anyhow, my hair is now the texture of freshly spun candyfloss, thin broken and ripped. My eyebrows are such a mess as I’ve got appalling eyesight and hand coordination and am useless at doing them myself – I’ve really missed having them done! It’s the little things…

Proud of myself for not sitting at my desk with a box of maltesers!

I’m painting a very attractive picture here, I know! But it has got me thinking, so now I’m on a weight-loss and beauty crusade – I’ve got an eyebrow dye kit and have just done a test patch – all being well with no allergic reaction, I’m going to have a go at doing my brows!

If you’re interested… drop by again soon – I’ll be posting the results regardless of success or failure!

My Exante shake is calling, so TTFN x

First Wednesday Weigh-in

Apologies for being a bit late with today’s post!

Yesterday I received my delivery of Exante and was raring to go this morning and ready to step on the scales.

If you’re trying to lose weight too – please join me on instagram!

Well, that was shocker! I’ve been cutting back since Friday, eating as healthily as possible and avoiding high calorie snacking – definitely no chocolate has been eaten since Friday – so just before stepping on the scales I was feeling quietly confident.

The confidence didn’t last very long – I’d gained almost 2lb in just 5 days, 5 days of thinking I was totally ‘on it’ when obviously I wasn’t!

I’ve accepted today’s weigh in – 14st 9.4lb and I have been a model of dieting perfection today – I also got some exercise with my daughter, who is on Exante too, she gave me some individually packed, frozen cakes to try – they’re from the Skinny Bakery – she has packed them into individual tubs so I can take out one at a time – I’m so excited about them! They range between 30 and 40 calories each, so that’ll be my daily treat!

One negative that I’d forgotten about… I’m peeing for England! Hopefully that will settle down soon.

I had a bad episode with my back yesterday. I walked to the village shop to get some salad (Yes!!! Honestly I did!) And on the way home I was in such agony I was literally crying – I resorted to ibuprofen which I try to avoid, but yesterday it had to be done.

It’s been painful today, but yesterday was something else!

This evening I’ve been deleting photos from my phone, I’ve got in the region of 10,000 and it’s slowing the phone down but I’m a photo hoarder and I’m finding it incredibly difficult to delete! One thing I really noticed was how thin my face was back at the beginning of 2020 compared to how it is now, which has helped to motivate me this evening and stopped me raiding the fridge – although to be fair if I did raid the fridge I wouldn’t find much – maybe I should have said the peanut butter jar – as I have been known to eat the whole jar in almost one go!

I will be updating on here regularly, at least once a week, but I’m determined to post daily for at least a month at dizidaisy over on instagram with daily mini vlogs, either on stories or reels. So if you’re doing the same please come over and give me a follow and hopefully we can motivate each other!

Well, writing this has kept me out of the kitchen for a few minutes. I’m thinking a nice long bath would also be another good avoidance tactic tonight; in the meantime I can always gaze into the eyes of this cutie for distraction!


Instagram Weight-loss Diary

Well finally, I’ve made a decision and I can’t wait until Wednesday to shout about it!

Having been inspired by my daughter, I’m heading back to Exante! I’ve placed my order and I’m looking forward to receiving my supplies. I’m not going to work on 800 calories, instead I’m aiming at 1000 – as I think that’s more sustainable for me and the extra 200 cals can make or break a diet as I know from past experience.

It doesn’t matter how many diet failures you’ve had – success will happen if you keep trying!

I really believe I’m in the right headspace with this and I’m excited to get on with it – I wasn’t going to start until after London, but I’m pretty sure if I don’t begin now, by the end of the month I’ll be 15st and I can’t face that again.

I semi began yesterday  with some old left over Exante shakes and bars, I don’t have much to keep me going, but hopefully I can eke it out until the delivery arrives, ideally by Wednesday as it was always a good weigh in day for me when I successfully lost weight in the past.

My goal is to shift 2st (28lb) as soon as possible – I’d really like to feel better by the 21st June! In the meantime, I’m going to treat myself to some new fat clothes so that I’m not such a sausage in a skin and can be comfortable and hopefully look better for the duration – as I think it’s really important not only to get rid of the excess weight but to feel better in general and more positive about the whole process.

After a very tearful morning – I’m now excited and raring to get on with this – I’ve set up an instagram page ‘dizidaisy’ so that I can keep myself accountable and also follow accounts with weight-loss content to keep me motivated. I’m feeling very focused and ready to get on with the journey.

Sliced apples taste as great as chocolate… well no they don’t actually but they do give you a healthier sugar rush!

The hardest part will be while working, sitting at my desk and not munching through my favourite bars of chocolate – probably time to go back to slicing up apples!

It’s also a big time for Retro Daisy as we will be gearing back up again, with a new post lockdown business plan and of course during the lockdown I didn’t just let my weight slide – I also pretty much (with the exception of some fits and starts) stopped work on my new book – but the last few weeks have seen a turnaround and I’ve managed to get back into the swing of things – I’ve just realised…. today is the Spring Equinox and I’m Spring Cleaning!