Diet Chef Day 21 – Celebrating Three Weeks!

WOWEEE! I’ve lasted on this food plan and fitness experience for exactly THREE WEEKS – 21 Days! Amazing – and because I’ve come this far – I know I’m going ALL THE WAY!

Tomorrow is the BIG WEIGH IN – of course, I’m not expecting much, especially as I went off plan Friday and Saturday – if I stay the same I’ll be lucky BUT of course… I am expecting much!!! You know how it is – I want to have a good loss of poundage and I will probably be a right grumpy old granny if I don’t lose at least 2lb – but that is being honest with you! Either way I’m in it to win it! I’m staying put until I get what I want – I measured myself with the tape measure this afternoon – not so much as a cms difference – I can’t understand it – because my dresses definitely fitted at the weekend – and prior to this diet they didn’t! Figure it out? I can’t!

Here are one of the dresses in question!!!

Me Friday Night!

Today I’ve been perfect – if I say so myself! 😉 I had porridge and banana for breakfast, my favourite soup and bread for lunch – then tikka masala with a jacket potato and salad for dinner – with snacks of 2 biscuits (1 DC packet of course!) and an apple – I have milk left over and will have a 0% fat yoghurt for supper.

I also spent an hour at the gym this morning – it really has to be said, it doesn’t feel like it’s getting any easier – in fact, it feels harder – but I’m giving it my best shot!

Please hold that good thought for me tomorrow morning when I step on the scales!

Breakfast Day 21 - Apple and Cinnamon Porridge
Lunch Day 21 - Chorizo & Bean Soup
Dinner Day 21 - Tikka Masala

4 thoughts on “Diet Chef Day 21 – Celebrating Three Weeks!

    1. Thank you! I think there is a difference but it’s going to take a while to be more obvious! I’m really happy on this eating and exercise plan – it’s the best thing I’ve done for me… in a very long time!!!

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