Diet Chef Day 59 – Walking a Fine Line!

I’ve wandered close to the edge this evening! I had done so well up to around 5.30pm – dinner was due but I had been out food shopping for New Years Day… I got into that position that every dieter should always avoid at any cost – I went out hungry! On top of that I’m still not feeling well – so as I pushed my trolley around the supermarket – amongst all that food – the hunger grew and Grew and GREW!

By the time I arrived home with the shopping, I was ready to have a massive binge! Even though DC only takes 3mins to get ready, I wasn’t able to quite contain myself because I had to cook for my husband so I had all the prep for a normal meal to do – and I also found that my daughter had left the house without putting the lid on the biscuit tin!!!!!!!!!!!!! Normally, this wouldn’t have been a problem for me – but due to my overwhelming desire to eat I’m afraid I took a handful of amaretti biscuits that had been left over from the rocky road… and I’m ashamed to say… I stuffed them in my mouth virtually all at once.

Afterwards I excused myself with the fact that I hadn’t had a DC snack – so I might be able to get away with that minor misdemeanor … but then – I had some computer problems and became extremely stressed – at the same time I heard the chocolate calling me from the fridge – so I had to go down and see what it wanted… what it wanted was to throw itself straight into my mouth, the sooner the better – I had one square as I argued with myself – the devil on my shoulder seemed to be winner until the little angel managed to out shout him – and instead of landing the next square directly in my gob – I managed to flip open the bin and chuck it straight in with all the other squares that were squealing to be eaten!

I’m quite annoyed with myself – it was all very unnecessary… but on a positive note, I dealt with it before it became a full on failure of a day! I haven’t had my usual daily extras of fruit, toast etc – and I’m hoping that will balance out my moment of naughty indulgence – which I didn’t even flipping enjoy!

Anyway – the good part goes like this:

Breakfast Day 59 - Treacle and Pecan Granola
Lunch Day 59 - Chorizo and Bean Soup
Dinner Day 59 - Chilli Con Carne

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