Diet Chef Day 85 – 12 Week Weigh-in!

Well I am very happy to report that I’ve lost another pound this week! I can truthfully say, on this occasion, I’m over the moon with a one pound loss! It’s been a very difficult week in many ways and I wasn’t sure I was going to budge from 12st 9lb – I was prepared to accept staying the same but fortunately, I didn’t have to! 🙂 For me, this is the true success of Diet Chef – I am constistently losing weight – it doesn’t matter if it’s 3lb or 1lb – the fact is, DC keeps me on track, where in the past I would either not make it to this point in time at all or I’d have had a much more rocky ride! For example, I heard a very familiar story this week – my friend was telling me of  two women currently at Weight Watchers who are in the trap I have often found myself in – one week they lose a pound, the following week they gain two – and it’s a constant cycle of gaining and losing the same few pound – whilst each week their purses lose several pounds permanently!

So, losing a pound has helped enormously today – and I took on board what I was told yesterday at the gym and I went for a five mile walk – at around 2.5 miles I stopped for a coffee and it was absolutely lovely!

Walking was good on so many levels – it gave me some quality thinking time, there is nothing like walking to get the creative thoughts flowing. I took my iPod with me but chose not to use it – instead I listened to nature, and thought about important things, as well as some frivolous things of course!

One of the things I thought about, are the conflicting messages we are constantly delivered by the media. Yesterday in the Daily Mail on page 9 the headline read ‘Alcohol and rich living blamed for breast cancer toll’ and it went on to say that most of the common cancers in the UK could be prevented by ‘maintaining a healthy weight, being more physically active and eating more healthily’ when the page was turned the headline then read ‘A dieter’s dream: Staying fat may be better for your health’ and this article told us ‘The idea that weight is harmful has been ‘exaggerated’ and heavy people may actually live longer, say researchers’ This really does make me cross! I constantly see all about me, the damage people do to themselves by being overweight – but these conflicting articles, particularly the ‘dieter’s dream’ article, in my opinion compound the damage!

I know from first hand experience that is not healthy to be overweight, I know of few women (and men that I know) who feel attractive overweight, and it impacts on your life in so many negative ways. I’m not saying that if you’re slim you are full of confidence and self esteem – I know life doesn’t work like that! But it’s a bit like this… it’s one less thing to worry about!

Eating today has gone really well – tonight though, I’m working on eliminating my nightly slice of toast that I have come to depend on – I don’t know if I can do it but I’m definitely going to try!

Breakfast Day 85 - Belgian Chocolate Granola (soooo scrummy!)
Lunch Day 85 - Sweetcorn and Ham Chowder (with added tinned sweetcorn - my favourite!)
Dinner Day 85 - Shepherds Pie (with aubergine, courgette, onion, mushroom & tomatoes)

2 thoughts on “Diet Chef Day 85 – 12 Week Weigh-in!

  1. Thank you! I’m really pleased. When I started out I wanted it all gone overnight – but in reality that can’t happen! By the very nature of things it has to be a slow and steady progress – they key is to not get frustrated or disheartened by it – which can and does very easily happen but then you have to give yourself a good talking to! xxx

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