Diet Chef Day 90 – Staying Focussed

Had quite an inspirational day today. Spoke with a friend about non-diet related things! It’s wonderful when just a chat is all you need to get into gear – I spent today de-cluttering my study and I can tell you straight – IT FELT SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! I’d gotten to the point where I would sit at the desk with a cup of tea to write this blog, but first I’d have to make room for the tea cup and then as I typed… things would start to avalanche from the mountains of allsorts… onto the keyboard – each time I came into the study to sort it – I would take one look, not know where to start and either sit down and mindlessly surf or just leave the room. Weeks ago I began working/workshopping through a novel (120,000 words) for a friend of mine. I’d printed chapters off and written on them by hand, I needed to transfer the hardcopy to email but I’d lost most of it under the piles of other stuff! Today, I was able to find it and put it all back together again – I’m now ready to transfer it to email for her!

Diet wise… being busy in the study has helped keep me on plan – was very hungry by this evening though and really fancied a jaket potato and curry – so that’s what I had! Best bit was, not having to mess around preparing it all, after having quite a tiring day!

I’ve been scale hopping again 😦 and they are not telling me what I want to hear – I sincerely hope that changes by Tuesday morning! I’m getting the exercise, but I think I’m possibly not drinking enough water, no, actually I KNOW I’m not drinking enough water – tough one to remedy but I’ve got to do it.

That will be my goal for this coming week – drink at least 1 glass of water a day (yes I know I should be drinking 8 but trust me – 1 would be a major achievement!)

So today has gone as follows:

Breakfast Day 90 - Belgian Chocolate Granola
Lunch Day 90 - Chunky Vegetable Soup
Dinner Day 90 - Chicken Curry

2 thoughts on “Diet Chef Day 90 – Staying Focussed

  1. Thank you Skiniejeans! You’re comments always boost me and I’m feeling especially low right now – and hearing from you means such a lot to me – thank you again – I hope all is well with you xxx

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