Diet Chef Day 111 – Tired!

I’ve been tired all day today – and I’ve been craving sweet stuff – I haven’t given in, but whilst I was out shopping today, all I could think about was sitting in a Cafe and indulging in a huge piece of cake – I don’t know if that’s anything to do with having birthday cake on Friday? You know, it’s like you get the taste for it and once that happens it’s difficult to put the breaks on!

Fortunately, I’ve managed to keep the urge under control! I’m still not seeing any signs of my weight shifting in the right direction though 😦

We ate out for lunch – I had a salad baguette without butter/marg – there was a huge dollop of sour cream on the plate though – which I didn’t eat, but my goodness did it take some willpower! I started the day with treacle and pecan granola with a small banana, the previously mentioned baguette for lunch, a packet of DC biscuits for afternoon tea and Thai Chicken Curry for dinner – with a jacket potato and salad. Can’t say I was very keen on the Thai chicken but it was okay.

I have to force myself to get moving again properly tomorrow – I’ve been thinking about buying a heart rate monitor to look at the calories I’m burning – so watch this space!

Breakfast Day 111 - Treacle and Pecan Granola
Lunch Day 111 - Salad Baguette
Dinner Day 111 - Thai Chicken Curry

2 thoughts on “Diet Chef Day 111 – Tired!

  1. I am pretty tired myself today — not sure what is up with that. Could only ride my bike for 45 min. I really wanted to be outside and do more, but I just couldn’t.

    I think sometimes when we allow ourselves “cheats” it is hard to get back on track. You held your own though — so pat your self on the back girl — smile when you look in the mirrrow — you passed up that cake! 🙂

    I didn’t test myself be going somewhere fun for my anniversary — I knew I would want to eat and might even break diet — so I just passed. You attended events, consumed “off diet food,” and then YOU stuck to your diet today! I think that is an awesome accomplishment. 🙂

  2. I still feel tired! I think I’m longing for some decent weather – it’s so cold here again!

    I think you probably did the right thing by not testing yourself just now! I always find it difficult to go ‘off plan’ BUT you just have to some times but I have made choices not to go out when I’ve really not had to – just so that I haven’t had to deal with the challenge! xxx

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