Diet Chef Day 147 – Up and DOWN – Hormones or Diet Fatigue?

Today has been a roller coaster ride – one minute I’ve been up… the next minute I’m experiencing G-force on the downard slope…. With tomorrow’s weigh-in looming, I’m feeling very pessimistic and I don’t like it – I am so sure the biscuit binge has caught up with me – so sure – I can only hope that I’m pleasantly shocked and that the scales give me a positive reading… I know I’ve said it before and then had a lovely pleasant surprise – but I’m really not feeling good about tomorrow’s result! I honestly don’t know if this is because I’m struggling to keep on the straight and narrow or I’m hormonal (still no sight of TOTM – that’s about 64 days over due now!)

I don’t want to me moaning and I don’t want to be negative – so I’m going to keep this short.

Today I started with a breakfast bar as I just didn’t have time for breakfast and I had to eat on the run. Lunch was a nice sit down with Parsnip and Chilli soup, in the afternoon I had a cup of tea with a packet of DC biscuits. For dinner I enjoyed vegetable curry with a jacket potato and for supper I have had one slice of granary toast with a tsp of reduced sugar jam. No exercise today.

Lunch Day 147 - Chilli and Parsnip Soup
Dinner Day 147 - Vegetable Curry

3 thoughts on “Diet Chef Day 147 – Up and DOWN – Hormones or Diet Fatigue?

  1. Good luck tomorrow, I have a good feeling for you. All the walking you are doing, that worked off biscuits and more! 🙂

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