Diet Chef Day 178 – Gym Bunnies & Royal Weddings

I’m a gym bunny again! I managed it – I got myself into my gym kit and hopped to the gym!  I found the workout fairly difficult but I was determined to do the complete program, which I did. I think I made a mistake in that I didn’t have enough for breakfast, so consequently half way through I felt quite weak but I will remember next time and make sure I have a piece of fruit with my porridge or a slice of toast.

After my workout - I have to say I felt very proud of myself for actually getting there after more than a month off!

As it’s the eve of the Royal Wedding I thought I should mention it – I do feel that I have Royal connections – seeing as how I married in the same year as Charles and Diana and Prince William was born on my birthday! 🙂 Whilst I was out shopping yesterday, walking past my favourite chocolate shop – I noticed this incredible edible chocolate confection! Yep, you can eat absolutely everything in the shop window – I wondered for a moment how I might be able to fit this into my Diet Chef day!

The best Will and Kate shop display I’ve seen!

I can’t believe these photos have uploaded – I’ve spent hours trying to upload photos on here recently without any luck – so today I didn’t bother taking any food diary pictures – and what happens? I can upload without any problems – how annoying! I wish I could figure out if it was a WordPress glich or something I’m doing wrong!

I’ve been extra good today (so determined to move the scale for my next weigh-in) apart from my 90mins at the gym, I also spent 60mins gardening – and then went shopping – so I’ve been pretty active today and I’ve stayed within my calorie allowance.
My food diary:
Breakfast: Vanilla and banana porridge
Lunch: Ham and sweetcorn chowder, a slice of wholemeal bread, half a large peach, 1 custard cream.
Dinner: Sheppherd’s Pie with a large salad (cooked up veggies but only realised when I tasted them that they were out of date URGH!)
Snacks: Salt and vinegar popcorn, 1 slice of toast and jam.
I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!

5 thoughts on “Diet Chef Day 178 – Gym Bunnies & Royal Weddings

    1. Ohhhh SHONNIE! Is that where you are? Oh my goodness – I hope today has been better – I will check out the news! Sending you lots of love and hoping that all has calmed down now by you! xxx

      1. Thanks Dizi … but it will be a LONG time before things calm down. Very bad mean ugly tornado ripped through the state. Thanks for checking on me. 🙂

  1. Sounds like a great day – looking fab as usual Daisy! Read about your bra shopping experience yesterday, sounded frustrating! I need to get some new bras too, keep putting it off lol. Have a great Royal Wedding weekend 🙂 I am taking a rest from blogging for now, but will still keep up with my favourite bloggers. Betty xxxx

    1. Thank you Betty but I’m in dismay 😦 you are taking a rest from blogging? NOOOOOO that can’t be 😦 I will miss you – please don’t stay away too long xxx

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