Diet Chef Day 202 – Naked Photos, Back Fat and Flying Pinup Girls…

I woke up this morning feeling the need to see how I was progressing – when you look in the mirror you don’t always get the whole picture, it’s hard to take it all in and of course you don’t get such a good view of the back of you – without a lot of hand mirror maneuvering! So today I decided to take a couple of full length nude photos (back and front) to have a proper look at – please relax… you can rest easy… I wont be frightening you with them on here lol they are already deleted – I have to say I was pleasantly surprised – I know I still have a lot of work to do, and I know there are areas such as my tummy – that definitely need toning – but it was good to look properly and evaluate how far I’d come – it’s led me to consider the next step, and to motivate me to keep going.

The thing that pleased me the most – was the shrinkage of the back fat… I used to have two lovely wads of fat – one that went over my bra strap at the back and another two that sagged sweetly underneath…. I hadn’t really ever considered ‘back fat’ when I was overweight – I was more concerned with what people saw coming – I hadn’t dreamt that what they saw going was equally as hideous! Out of sight was definitely out of mind! It was only in one of those three-way mirror changing rooms that I realised one day the exact extent of the problem! Previous to this I was blissfully unaware – it reminded me of the time I was pregnant with my first daughter. Everyone at the pre-natal classes were complaining about their stretchmarks and I felt so smug… I didn’t have any and I was almost 9months pregnant so I just took it for granted I wouldn’t have them at all – and then the lady that ran the classes, as if she were reading my mind self-satisfied, bumptious little mind… said ‘even if you think you don’t have any – when you get home pop a mirror under your bump and take a look’

So what did I do? Yes… I went straight home – straight to the bathroom and straight into stretchmark hell! There they were underneath my protruding tum – thick angry red tracks making their way towards my belly button – I cried, and I cried and I cried… and my illusions were shattered. It was the same with back fat – my back breasts needed bra support – once I discovered them they constantly made themselves known to me – I began to sweat under them – and I began to notice that they had started resting on my hips – I wish I was exaggerating but I’m not! I had grown my back without even knowing it!!!

Today’s photos pleased me so much – they were barely (sorry, no pun intended!) noticeable – I am so thrilled! I could see that my double chin and my muffin top were both deflating but I really needed to look at a photo to see the changes that were going on behind me!!! I would thoroughly recommend taking photos to look at but I’d also recommend deleting them immediately – unless of course you’d be okay if anyone else saw them – I don’t think I’d be too happy if one of my friends or family came across pictures of me in the nude by accident – even though I’m feeling pretty happy with myself right now – I am sure it would traumatize them for life!

If you read my blog you’ll of probably realised by now I love Vintage – I’m particularly enamoured by the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s (as I’m 60’s vintage – it doesn’t hold the same enthralling mystery!) my shower room had lovely vintage pin-up girls adorning the walls in their bathing suits and I have vintage pin-up girls on the lid of my toilet seat 🙂 Today on Ebay I managed to ‘win’ (such a euphemistic way of putting it…) three flying pin-up girls! They are going to look so fabulous in my shower room 🙂 I can’t wait for them to arrive!

Ahhh this is how I see myself in my mind’s eye 😉
I’ve been a bit ‘biscuity’ today I’ve had three biscuits from the kids tin and a packet of DC biscuits! Calorie wise that relates to 230 cals in biscuits alone 😦 I’m not proud of myself BUT I have walked for over an hour today along the coast, over pebbles and grass so hopefully it will balance itself out – other than the indiscretions with the biscuit tin 😉 I’ve been spot on target with my food.
Breakfast Day 202 - Choc Chip and Muesli Bar
Lunch Day 202 - Smoked Bacon and Bean Soup
Dinner Day 202 - Paella

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