Diet Chef Day 209 – Oops I Did It Again!

No excuses… I had a fabulous time lastnight – and I got very drunk and I ate an entire cheese board… including the cheese board (or at least it felt like it this morning!) I did go with a plan and good intentions but my plan was thwarted by a fifteen year old! (oops excuses alert!)  I’d taken my Diet Chef with me – a choice of two dishes – sweet and sour chicken and chicken curry – I also took the rice – but… Harry (Donna and John’s 15yr old son) wasn’t having any of it and he kidnapped my Diet Chef… so what could I say? BRING ON THE KEBAB……. in my defence – I only had half of a chicken kebab with salad – and then their other son George who is studing to become a Chef at college in London made the most divine lemon tart – how could I turn it down? It would have been rude not to eat it! This young man has exceptional cooking skills and if I were a betting gal, I’d bet my entire book collection (I’m passionate about books) on his one day becoming a Michelin Star Chef!  

So here is the comparison photo - see a difference? I hope so!

By the time the cheese and biscuits arrived – there was no going back! What made it worse is the alcohol again – Donna and I between us got through 3 bottles of Prosecco – I have been told that we didn’t stop laughing all night and at one point I said to Donna ‘what are you laughing at?’ and she replied (still laughing) ‘I don’t know’!!!

Prosecco anyone?
George's Divine Lemon Tart - in honour of John recently hitting the BIG '50'hhhhhh

On the way home the booze really hit me big time and I got an attack of the munchies – so we pulled in to an all night eatery and I offered to ‘share a shandwidge’ with my husband but he was a gentleman and let me it all!

When we eventually got home my daughter told me that the cure to a hangover was a cup of peppermint tea before going to bed – well I can confirm to you good folks out there… IT ISN’T! I have had an evil hangover all day – in fact, I haven’t even managed to get dressed today.

The downside is – as I’ve gotten older I tolerate alcohol less and less well – I fall asleep for about two hours after I’ve been drinking heavily and then two hours later – I’m SPARK awake! Which wouldn’t be a problem if I was just awake – but I’m awake and beyond miserable and depressed – I have really bad come down – it’s like the end of the world – and I feel the worst you could imagine feeling – it always happens… I can cope with the nausea, the banging headache, the shakes, the tiredness etc – but the down is so down – no one would want to go there! I’m going to try and be more sensible next time (yes… you’re quite right… I always say this!)

Even though I’ve felt as sick as the proverbial dog/parrot all day… I’ve also been starving! Fortunately, I’ve managed to gather up my sensibility and practice some damage limitation – I’ve stuck ridgedly to Diet Chef and have had original granola and a small banana for breakfast, smoked bacon and bean soup for lunch and chilli con carne for dinner – oh and a packet of DC biscuits – I’m going to have a slice of toast in a minute in the hope it soaks up some of the sick feeling – I’m still in 1200 cals including the toast! I know this is a little like locking the stable door after the horse has bolted… but lock it I have! I don’t expect a good weigh-in on Tuesday – in fact I’m expecting a gain (if you’d have seen the amount of cheese I ate – you’d be expecting a gain too!) however, I’m not going to compound it by letting myself off for today – I’m back on track and staying there… until the next dinner party, get together, fun time! 😉


Breakfast Day 209 - Original Granola
Lunch Day 209 - Smoked Bacon and Bean Soup
Dinner Day 209 - Chilli Con Carne

10 thoughts on “Diet Chef Day 209 – Oops I Did It Again!

  1. Oh hang it all. Girl you look GREAT!! For get about it. You had a blast and you look amazing. So it is over. Nothing left to think about. Yes, you can tell a HUGE difference.

    1. OMG CAROLYN!!!!!!!!!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Ohhh I have missed you sooooo – please tell us how you are doing? What’s the update? Where are you at? You have been MISSED!!!! XXX

  2. You look gorgeous! You enjoyed yourself. Now just climb right back up on that bicycle and start pedaling for all you’re worth. One bad die does not a diet nor lifestyle change ruin. We’re all entitled to have these days every now and again.

    1. Oh … Beth … now wouldn’t that make the ultimate treat for making goal?? The cherry on top would be to all three of us skinny girls being there together. hehehe 🙂 A girl can dream can’t she?

      1. Count me in! 🙂

        We all know how I feel about travel: My bags are packed… um, where are we going? See you there!

        And we’ll be the skinny club.

  3. oh I do the same everytime I drink! Your food looks gorgeous! Just discovered your blog through betty and it is fab! I have a blog too, feel free to drop by anytime!

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