Diet Chef Day 297 – Buzzing From The Sugar Rush!

Whoa! Birthday cake time again! My gorgeous Nephew Edward is Twenty-One today 🙂 and we celebrated with sandwiches and cake – the party is at the weekend, so today was low-key but fun! I couldn’t wait to give him his gifts… 21 shiny new pennies – well everyone likes cash in their birthday card don’t they?  😀 a nasal hair trimmer…  He is getting on a bit now, he needs to be prepared… some Grecian 2000, the grey hairs are waiting to pop up, he should deal with them promptly 😉 a packet of deep heat pads…. for achey ageing muscles… and a box of maltesers to cheer him up in his new old age 🙂

He took it all with great humour! of course he did get a proper pressie – but I left him guessing for a bit 😀


Eddie as a baby.... with his first mobile phone 😉


Eddie today 🙂 We are so proud of him - he is the loveliest young man you could ever wish to meet!

My good intentions evaporated when the goodies came out… I did indulge but I did indulge lightly – so I’m not feeling too bad about it – I’m pretty sure though that my goal wont be reached on Tuesday – I need to tell myself this so that I’m not disappointed…

I’m not just buzzing from the sugar… I’m still on a high over the lovely French man from Croydon! 😉

Vintage Life was out today – I bought my copy as I always do… but I wasn’t very impressed with how much of the magazine they have devoted yet again to weddings… the first time I bought the magazine I thought it was a one-off – then the second time I thought it was because it was Spring/Summer… bridal season…. but it seems they focus several pages on wedding’s during every issue… ah well… I shall have a good read of it over the next few days and see if the other stuff compensates for so much weddingness… Not that I’m anti matrimony or anything… but if I wanted a bridal magazine, I’d buy a bridal magazine!

Right then… that’s that off my chest! Time for bed 🙂 xxx



6 thoughts on “Diet Chef Day 297 – Buzzing From The Sugar Rush!

  1. How fun! Loved the pressies … haha! Well, your daddy makes them amazing cakes. What’s a girl to do. Think about the French man — that will make you push through. 😀

    1. You’re so right Shonnie and they taste even better than they look – can you imagine that? This was another toffee cake – with lashings of fresh cream and chocolate orange – I just had to have some – I’m trying to keep in mind that I don’t have to rush this – I have to learn to balance everything and keep a clear perspective and aim! Oh yes the French episode has continued to keep me determined 🙂 xxx

  2. Hi Daisy! Haha great pressie ideas! Good thing he saw the funny side! 😀
    Glad you enjoyed the day, we all need to indulge once on a while, and Tuesday is still a long way – so you just never know. The scales are very unpredicable 😉 Betty xxx

    1. Thank you Betty 🙂 He is adorable and it really appealed to his sense of humour! Total success 🙂 You are right about the scales but I’m not counting on losing this week – I’m expecting to gain but hoping to stay the same! I’m going to eat before I go to the party but I will be drinking for sure! xxx

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