So Now What?

Today has been my second day at goal! I’ve been wondering where I go from here? Diet Chef has been fantastic and I still have another month’s supply coming, to keep me in check but they don’t offer a maintenance plan as far as I’m  aware – so I kind of now feel on my own and I need to start figuring out where I go from here. One place I’m going… is to revise my target!

10st 10lb is perfect for me, I like me at this weight and I’m really concerned that should I go lower I’ll just become scrawny and aged… but I have no room for mistakes at 150lbs – that’s the highest weight for my height that will allow me to be considered ‘normal’ so I think I’m going to make an effort to reduce my goal weight by a further 3lbs – taking me to 10st 7lbs – which does leave room for a few indulgences now and again, whilst remaining in my acceptable weight range.

I need to take a few days to consider things in more depth, including my gym membership, which has been laying dormant for a few months now – whilst the fee continues to come out of my bank account! I’m not sure what to do, I am still getting great exercise walking but is that enough? However, it’s pretty pointless to have a gym membership that I’m paying for but not using…. can I get my A into G – so that I can earn extra calories and continue to improve my fitness level and tone?

This is a complete danger zone. I had given it thought but more in a dreamy, hopeful, fantasy state kind of way! I still can’t believe I’m actually 10st 10lb but what I can belive – is that it can all go back on twice as quick as it has come off! I know that for a fact and from experience – so I’m going to think this one through carefully!

In the meantime I thought I’d post some photos taken on Sunday night at my nephew’s 21st – the dress I’m wearing is 12yrs old and it literally only fit me for a month before I burst out of it – I dieted for Christmas and New Year 1999 and it’s been a dress I’ve been determined to get back into ever since – I’ve not managed it in all these years until now – my perseverance paid off!

How happy was I to be wearing this dress again 🙂
My beautiful youngest daughter and I 🙂
I know I’ve been a bit ‘off’ the last week or so, and this Bank Holiday weekend has been especially difficult but I have every intention of catching up with my favourite blogs and I am thinking of you all and hoping that you are all doing great on your own personal journey! 🙂

10 thoughts on “So Now What?

  1. Your pix look so great! BIG congrats for getting to your goal. I know what you mean about needing some wiggle room though. I’m hoping to get to the 50 pounds down mark in the next couple of weeks. I can also imagine it’s a little scary not have a plan after DC. I’m very grateful that the Kaiser Optifast plan actually goes like a year into maintenance!! I’ve been putting off any heavy duty exercise too but think it probably should be part of my maintenance strategy. Congrats again and good luck with your new goal and maintenance!

    1. Thank you so much OB! It is really worrying not having any plan in place now – The reason DC worked so well for me because it was all organised (and I’m not!!!) At least I can fall back on it should I need to – but I don’t really want to have to need to! This is going to be my free week – next week I’m getting the exercise thing under control 🙂 xxx

  2. You are lookin’ hot! Congrats on keeping your goal weight two days in a row. I think your plan to drop a few more pounds to give you room to play is a wise Idea. They want us to shoot for 5 pounds below goal to allow for the bump up as we move into maintance. I can say that I have had a 5 pound shift since going through transition alone. So, smart move sister.

    I have to say that you look WAY better now than you did in ’99. You actually look younger now. How awesome is that???? You and your daughter look so wonderful together. Beautiful. 😀

    1. Shonnie 🙂 thank you!!! 5lbs sounds very sensible – I have some worries about going to far – excess skin being one of them – it’s just no longer elastic 😦 and wrinkles…. so I need to keep a sensible perspective – but 5lb does sound very sensible to me – then at least you’re always in control and under the danger line…

      I was struggling with my weight in ’99 too!

      I’m so proud of my girls – Vicky (in the photo with me) is Gracie Lu’s mummy – so now you know where the Lu get’s her cuteness from 😀 xxx

  3. Wow Daisy! Big congrats to you! I have to agree with Shonnie – you look younger, healthier and more radiant than you did in 99.

    Dropping a few more pounds in a good idea too, you can see if you gain any weight on your own without going over your goal.

    Take care, Betty xxx

    1. Thank you dear Betty! I think I’m much happier now than I was in ’99 🙂 getting older doesn’t have to be a negative thing – although I have felt negative about it at times – now I’m thankful for it – and I have to say… even enjoying it! 😀 as the saying goes… ‘youth is wasted on the young’ 😉 haha!

      I’m going to work so hard not to go over my goal figure – it’s become a matter of principle lol xxx

  4. Oh… I missed the date you reached your goal. CONGRATS and you look totally, absolutely fantastic lady. How does it feel to have started something and finished it? I know it feels great because it shows on your happy face. Again, congrats on a job well done! Bridgette

    1. Thank you Bridgette 🙂 Yes I am very happy with the weightloss – as I say, it hasn’t solved all my problems but one of my biggest problems has now disappeared and that’s a huge… huge… weight off my shoulders – figuratively and literally speaking!!! In the past I’ve attempted this journey countless times – so to actually start it and see it through – really does illustrate how anything is possible if you put your mind to it! 🙂 thank you for your support and encouragement! xxx

    1. Thank you Mel 😀 I feel pretty great it has to be said! LOVE being this size – worth every single moment of temptation that I’ve had to endure and certainly worth more than over eating – I’m not just happy with the way I look – I feel like a different person regarding the tummy trouble I used to suffer!!!! It’s so worth the effort to get to this place and to stay slim! 🙂 xxx

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