The Goodwood Revival & Vivien Of Holloway… A little bit of Vintage heaven!

I thought I was slim in the black outfit - I'd lost weight especially for this event!

Did you miss me? I took the weekend off for some fun and frivolity at the Goodwood Revival! 

As the Revival is pretty much an open air event – and the tickets are £54 each, I did start to feel a little panicky at the beginning of the week when I saw the long range weather forecast… however, by Friday the weather was absolutely glorious, and all we could do was keep everything crossed that Saturday would be just as lovely. 

4am Saturday morning, I was woken by Marilyn, who wanted to sit on my pillow and purr into my ear like a motorbike revving up… not a good thing when you only got to bed at1amand had to be up at7am! At first I was only aware of Marilyn and then slowly I realised it was storming outside! The wind had whipped up and rain was coming down in sheets against the bedroom window… 

My first stop at 9am was the hairdressers… still raining… I jumped into Cynthia and whizzed to the hairdressers… where I also had breakfast… Diet Chef’s Café Latte Milkshake was perfect and kept me going until lunch at1pm! Whilst I was having my hair done the rain continued to bucket down…

At the hairdresses having my DC breakfast!

When I got home our friends had arrived – all dressed up and ready to Rock and Roll! It was such good fun seeing everyone had made such an effort – it really made up for the disappointment in 2009 – we had planned to go with another couple, we’d all agreed to dress up and when they arrived in their normal clothes and with a bad attitude… we felt let down – our bubble completely burst – we took off our outfits and just went in ordinary day stuff – the whole event was ruined – so we were thrilled when we saw the effort everyone had gone to!

Ready for Goodwood - fabulous friends, terrific times 🙂

We packed up Cynthia with a picnic, took umbrellas – and off we went… 

Just as we came into Chichester the skies seemed to be clearing and the rain stopped, we couldn’t believe our luck! It was too wet to sit on the grass and eat, so we had our picnic andChampagnestanding up – it was such fun and I really cant remember when I last laughed so much!

Swishing our petticoats 🙂

The weather not only stayed dry for the rest of the day but it was also lovely and bright – lots of sunny spells and warm too! We couldn’t have asked for more. 

The other highlight of my day was the Vivien of Holloway shop! ‘Kid’ and ‘Candy Store’ comes to mind – so many beautiful rails of clothes – I didn’t know what to look at first! Though I have to say, one outfit in particular caught my eye – I decided on the spur of the moment to try it on – I hadn’t really intended to buy another dress because this week I’ve bought two and I also bought another petticoat – so I thought I should curb it a bit! 

Only… you can’t try a VoH dress on and not buy it – they make a girl feel like a Vixen! Doesn’t matter how old you are or what you’re figure is like – there is a Vivien dress to flatter you – they are perfectly constructed to make the most of what you have! Whether you’re slim or curvy – they are an investment in morale! 

Also, another reason I love the VoH shop… is the service! I adore the Vivien girls, they are so beautiful and they wear the clothes, which gives them added glamour – they’re helpful and sweet – there for you if you want them but they let you have some space – they’re always cheerful and smiley – I know that can’t be easy – especially on Saturday – the store was packed out, but you feel that nothing is too much trouble and they’ll help you any way they can – even down to sorting my eye out – I thought one of my fakey lashes had dropped into my eye – the pain was considerable! However, it turned out to be a strand of my own hair practically wrapped around my eyeball – how horrible was that? Anyway – the beautiful VoH girl in the changing room was marvellous and sorted it out for me in a flash!

On the way out with my fabulous purchase I bumped into Vivien herself! She was really busy sorting out a sign that had to go on the side of the building – I don’t normally pester people but I really wanted to grab a photo with her for this blog, it was too good an opportunity to pass up – so I asked her if she would mind – she was extremely obliging and took time out to have a few photos taken with me – the lighting was not good but I didn’t realise at the time – and my ‘photographer’ John… is not actually that great with a camera, but never the less as you can see Vivien looked stunning and was so kind to agree to the photos as she had so much going on!

with Vivien of Holloway herself!

The day sped by – it was great to see everyone dressed up and I particularly enjoyed watching ladies having their hair styled at the little vintage hairdressing salons! Most of all, the girls and I just really enjoyed browsing the market and trying things on! The whole day was just perfect! 

We left at around7.30pmand on the way to the car the skies blackened and the heavens opened – we were so happy that it held off for so long!

Just after I took this photo the heavens opened and everyone got drenched!

Back at home we decided to have a Chinese takeaway – literally about an hour after I had it – I felt so ill – my tummy objected BIG TIME! Apart from breakfast – I pretty much ate anything that was on offer! But I’m sure it was the takeaway that caused the major problems – apart from the tummy troubles I had the most incredible dry mouth the following day, I felt queasy and I felt as if I had a mega hangover – which one glass of Champagne and wine couldn’t account for – even though I’m a lightweight in the alcohol tolerance stakes! 

On Sunday I made sure I was very careful and so I had poached egg on toast for brunch, and haddock, sweet potato and salad for dinner – I would like to say I had nothing in between that didn’t take the form of fruit… but unfortunately I did polish off 4 Thornton’s chocolates and I started on some Danish pastries but common sense prevailed and they headed straight for the bin! 

I’m not expecting a great weigh-in tomorrow but it doesn’t matter because I had the best weekend – my face has only just stopped hurting from the constant smiling!


glasses from
Good Times!
Esther and Me
Taking the weight off our feet! It was so good to sit down!
I've always loved a uniform 😉
1960's Tesco Sweeties
John, Esther and Danny
Wendy - get ahead... get a hat!
John and I 🙂

13 thoughts on “The Goodwood Revival & Vivien Of Holloway… A little bit of Vintage heaven!

  1. You look absolutely DARLING! And I’m loving the hair styled off of your beautiful face. And the vintage look. How incredibly fun! Just think… all the months of hard work and you got to rock a red dress and all the trimmings. So, so fun!

    And I’m with Shonnie on Vivien’s… does she have a website? I can do measurements and figure out my sizes in the European numbering system. 🙂

    1. Thank you Beth!!!! Yes I’ve linked to Vivien’s under ‘my favourite things’ linking again here – don’t be scared by the dress sizes – they’re vintage sized – I’m in a vintage 14 which is a now size 10/12 – so don’t be put off 🙂 her clothes are cut from original 40’s/50’s patterns – I’ve always been crazy about vintage styles but never had the courage to really go for them – now there’s no stopping me 🙂 xxx

  2. I’m going to check out that site too! I love vintage, and you look SO great. The pictures are so fun. And what a difference in the past and present picture. You’ve accomplished so much – and now you get the payoff, with all this fun and looking so great!

    1. Thank you OB – That pic was taken in 2009 and I’d lot a stone – especially for Goodwood – I bought a vintage dress and had to have it made bigger – so when our friends arrived in ‘2009’ clothing – it was a real downer – so this year it was extra special because the people we went with were so much fun they made the day perfect – and yes I felt the payoff for all work of losing the weight – amazing day 🙂 xxx What do you think of the clothes on the site? xxx

  3. Oh Daisy you look amazing I love, love, love that dress!!! I would wear it I love vintage clothing!! Shonnie there is a fabulous websit called and they have wonderful vintage styles, very similar to VoH! you can order online!! Looked like it was the perfect day!!

    1. Thank you Mel 🙂 I can’t be modest about VoH dresses… they are the BEST!!! They’re absolutely gorgeous and so figure flattering – it’s not just that they look nice… more importantly to be honest they make you feel so gorgeous – even when I was heavier – the photo outside the church is a Vivien of Holloway and whilst I was upset at the photos afterwards – on the day I felt blimming gorgeous!!! 😉 and that was directly because of the dress! xxx

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