Maintenance Weigh-In Week Six

Why is 10st 9lb so delectable to me? I can’t answer this, I only know that it is – and despite having an extensively intensively FOOD weekend – I’ve managed to weigh in this morning at 10st 9lb – thank goodness! It alters my whole sense of perception – I have no idea why I really don’t – but it does – I’m happy a 10st 9lb, yep I want to weigh less – but this is good enough in the meantime!

I know I keep going on about it, and I really don’t want to be negative, but looking back (even at the time I knew!) it was so EASY to lose weight on Diet Chef – now, when I’m running low on stock – this is a whole different ball game! Also, even though I still want to get down to 10st 5lb – because I’m not totally on DC, it’s so difficult to balance things out, to keep determined and in control – being on DC (pretty much only) I knew where I stood – this was why it was such a winner for me, there was no going back for ‘seconds’ or putting too much on my plate in the first place – it’s was sorted – now I have to sort it myself this = not so easy!

I feel really stressed at the moment, trying to source stock for the shop, waiting to sign the lease, general personal stress… getting ready for NYC, worrying about leaving the cats – even though I have the perfect cat and house sitters – it still worries me ‘will Marilyn be okay, will Marilyn take her tablets, will Molly come home when she knows it’s not us letting her in (she normally goes AWOL when we’re away)’ etc etc etc.

The weekend was a disaster (long story) but I did manage to get some calm with a bit of retail therapy… I bought a bag 🙂 and whats more… I bought a bag, that came with its own bag and I don’t mean a carrier bag!!!! I’ve never done that before, so that was novelty!

Saw this and it was love at first sight!
Whilst I was shopping in House of Fraser, I went to look at the Mary Portas collection – I had mixed feelings about it, it’s supposed to be aimed at women my age but I wasn’t completely smitten I have to admit, however I love her confidence, it’s a total inspiration – I wish I could be like Mary, in fact… I absolutely love her – I have done for a long time! There is a lot of humour in the space and I particularly enjoyed seeing the red ‘moan phone’! Totally fabulous. Also, I don’t want to be ageist but I’m arriving at that bitter age 😉 all the ‘girls’ serving – really were GIRLS! So so young – I don’t necessarily want to be served by Mrs Slocomb (see pic below!) but it is rather distracting and depressing being served by such beautiful 20 somethings who are also wearing the dress you’re eyeing up and whilst initially that gets you excited – because you think YOU can look like that in that … when you suddenly realise that actually YOU are NOT going to look like THAT in THAT dress…… it’s quite frankly a dismal feeling!
The wonderful Mollie Sugden as Mrs Slocomb – Are You Being Served? 😉 Happy childhood memories here!
Well, anyway… incase you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m struggling – I’ve not exercised for longer than I can remember now – and I know I need to organise myself better and motivate myself to get moving again and even though I’ve been saying it for ages – I still haven’t worked out a food plan to follow – I’m just stumbling from day-to-day and each weekend is a nightmare – this weekend, due to stress I didn’t want to cook – I am almost embarrassed to say that Saturday night I gave in to… of all things…. FISH AND CHIPS! I haven’t had chip shop fish and chips for nearly a year! The only thing I can say in my defence is that we bought one portion of chips between us and I gave John most of them… and I had a small piece of huss – but it’s still really not a very wise choice and I can’t say they were so amazing that they were worth it either! Still, that’s in the past – I need to sort out right now and have some breakfast!
Hope you all have a lovely day!

4 thoughts on “Maintenance Weigh-In Week Six

    1. Miss you too Shonnie! I’ve been a little stressed of late! I’m struggling with keeping the weight off and exercise – and yes… I’ve taken on a shop! I’m signing the lease within the next two weeks – with an opening date beginning of December! Plus I’m heading to the States soon! Hope all is good with you – I was meaning to have a proper catch up but every time I think I have the time – something else crops up!!! xxx

    1. Thanks OB 🙂 It’s a Mochinno – I only really wanted it because of the big ‘M’ on the front in the heart – as my heart belongs to my Marilyn 😉 I’m still 10st 9lb but I don’t feel as toned as I did because I’m not getting the exercise – and I’m struggling to stay on track – hope you’re doing good! xxx

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