Yes… Another Fresh Start!

Okay… well, if you know me, then you probably know that not checking in means I’ve been having a bit of a struggle! I keep tripping backwards – it came to a head on Saturday when John bought the grandkids a bag of cookies… and I raided them! Leaving the cookie bag short… next… he also bought two portions of salted caramel cheesecake. I decided I was only going to ‘taste’ my portion, because I’d already eaten a cookie the size of a frisbee… However, after the first teaspoon of cheesecake something came over me (greed….) and I had to eat the whole thing – then to make matters worse I got up at 2am and had a bowl of cereal – I clearly had had enough calories for the whole day in the cheesecake and cookie alone – but I was on a mission and I was going to be successful no matter what… and I was too… by Sunday morning I’d gained 2lb!

So yesterday morning I tried on the dress I’m intending to wear to my brothers wedding – the dress is indeed tight… but not too tight… so that means if I keep on the straight and narrow for the rest of this week (he is getting married next week) then I should be okay – From here on in I’m counting my calories again on MFP – I’ve been doing it very half heartedly, some days missing it altogether and the days I’ve been logging my food I’ve not been thorough.

When I tried on the dress I’d only just woken up. I’d weighed myself and registered the two-pound gain, then panicked and thought I’d better try the dress on!!! So – here it is without the jacket, which looks absolutely darling! As you can see… I can’t afford any weight gain between now and then!

Please excuse my ‘morning face’ without makeup – I’m sure if you look closely you’ll see the pillow tram lines!!!

This is a Vivien of Holloway size 14 which translates to a modern size 12.
I LOVE this dress so much!!!
Can't wait to wear it next week!
Breathing room?
Don't be silly!

On a more positive note – I have decided this year I’m going to be organised for Christmas – I intend to finish my Christmas shopping by the end of this month – so far I’m right on course for that to happen – I have all my presents bought and gift wrapped for family and friends – all I need to buy now are some little pressies for my daughters and my grandchildren’s presents – then that’s it – and that will mean for the first time EVER I can just look forward to December and not worry about present buying – ohhh and I’ve written my Christmas cards too – now this is a MASSIVE stride forward because I actually HATE Christmas cards, every year I put them off but I’ve decided this year I’m facing my fear – so I’ve written them out already 😀

The shop is moving along nicely, we were going to take the keys last week but there were a few delays in the agreement of Terms & Conditions (now agreed!), which made us come to the conclusion that we would be mad to try and open in December – we’d never have the shop fitted out in time or be up and running with the website etc – so we’re thinking January now, which will give us some time to settle in at the quietest time of the year – then we can plan our promotions for Valentines Day, Easter, etc… and it will give me time to source more stock, although I do already have some utterly gorgeous dresses I can’t wait to display!

One more thing… I thought I’d cancelled my gym membership but have just found out it’s still rolling – I think it might be a sign… 😉 so I’m going back to the gym this week!

9 thoughts on “Yes… Another Fresh Start!

  1. Good girl! And here I was expecting something far worse, so that’s good news in and of itself.

    Love. The. Dress.

    I’m with you… if you walk the straight and narrow this week, you should be gorgeous (which you already are) *and* comfortable! But I’m so glad you’re back… even with a cookie/cheesecake disaster in the wings. We’re all in this together!

    1. lol (((HUGS))) thank you Beth! I’ve been having a bit of stress on a more personal level and it’s slowly been running into my mouth via emotional eating – but I keep working on it and I guess that’s the only way to keep the weight off – problems will always occur and eating them doesn’t making them disappear – you just wear them for longer than the problem itself! Am I making sense? probably not lol xxx

  2. First let me say… you look fantastic and the dress is gorgeous on you. As you stated in this post… when I’m not posting it’s because I’m doing something wrong food wise. That so speaks to my behavior of eating up everything sweet in the house…. but the frozen veggies and healthy food will sit and sit and sit on the shelf or in the frig for weeks on end. But bring some cookies or cake into the house and I break my neck to get to it. So I’ve decided no more sweets in the house until I can control my obsession with certain foods >>> mainly sweets. Bridgette

  3. Yay! Glad you are posting again Daisy, I missed your updates! The dress looks amazing on you – what fantastic motivational pictures.

    Hope you enjoy getting back to the gym too.
    Betty xxx

    1. Thank you Betty – I think yesterday was a turnaround day – at least I hope it was – I need re-motivating, haven’t felt so productive recently and that needs to change! xxx

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