Retrodaisy Is Almost There!

Everything is in place… we have a key collection date – we are almost ready to Rock and Roll! I’ve secured an amazing collection of vintage dresses and some stunning reproduction dresses are in the pipeline! For the first time this week, my excitement is taking over my fear!!! Watching Pan Am this evening really helped too – the costumes were amazing and I have some similar lovely 60’s dresses (as well as 40’s & 50’s!) I’m hoping the website will also be up and running very soon!

I thought I would give you a sneak preview of one the cute 60’s dresses!

I absolutely adore this dress!
So cute!
I love the attention to detail in the 60's design!
I’ve also sourced some beautiful Pinup stationery, cards, gift tags & wrapping paper 🙂
Today I’ve not really been able to work at all as I’ve had the twins all day. I took them over to my parents, which was really nice and we had lunch there. I managed to get in some walking exercise this evening but I really had too much for dinner this evening, and it didn’t help that my dad made me a cheese sandwich for lunch – when it was offered to me I was sure both my parents said it was low-fat cheese and ‘slimming’ bread… so I thought it would be okay – my dad brought it in and quite frankly it was so delicious I wanted to know where the low-fat cheese came from because it tasted amazing… only to be told it was full fat cheese – I had mis-heard apparently!!!
Anyway – as Scarlett so famously said…………. ‘After all…. tomorrow is another day’ 😉

6 thoughts on “Retrodaisy Is Almost There!

  1. I tell myself that I am gonna make this and that I love what I am doing — because I love results, but girl …. a grilled cheese sounds AMAZING! It will be a few months before I even think about that again. No holiday foods for Shonnie girl! 😀

    LOVE the dress. Can’t wait to visit your site.

    1. You’re telling yourself right Shonnie because that’s exactly what you’re going to do 🙂 and you’ve nearly done it!!!! I’m going to re-order diet chef for Christmas! It’s the only way I’m going to get through it safely I think lol xxx

  2. That dress is absolutely faboo! Will you ship overseas? More importantly, will you help us American girls figure out the European sizing? I can’t wait to see your website, too.

    I’m sooo excited for you, Daisy! First, you slim down to absolute gorgeousness, then you open a store with vintage clothing that absolutely rocks? What next?

    1. Oh isn’t it just Beth!!! I love it 🙂 Yes I’ll be shipping overseas – I’m going to add a size chart so you can work it out according to bust, waist measurements etc 🙂

      Well I have more dresses to show you – you’ll love them they are so glamorous 🙂 xxx

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