I got my first real six-string….. Bought it at the five-and-dime…

Played it till my fingers bled… was the summer of ’69…

OH YEAH! Have just got home from the most amazing night! My friend got us tickets to see Bryan Adams – only found out for sure that we would be going today. He is absolutely the most amazing performer, I enjoyed every single minute of the evening. He doesn’t work with a support band – it’s solid Bryan for over 2 hours – all the best hits… song after song of pure gold! Great great night!

Danced the night away and I’m hoping that made up for a bottle of wine and an Italian meal that we had before the show!

Just about to leave for Bryan Adams 🙂
Bryan on stage 🙂
So… foodwise today… really really good… until about 7pm when we were in the Italian tucking into penne pesto with pine nuts, salad, banoffee pie and a bottle of wine! Okay so tomorrow I’m going to be a good girl 😉

5 thoughts on “I got my first real six-string….. Bought it at the five-and-dime…

  1. You look Fab Sha! An isnpiration for me to start losing weight! Any tips on how to get throught the first three days?


    1. Hi Clare, nice to ‘see’ you again! I just checked out your blog, I thought ‘I don’t remember Clare needing to go on a diet’ and my memory served me right! You look lovely – but I guess it’s about how you feel, and getting on top of things before they get on top of you! I’m holding on to my weightloss but it’s a battle! It was so easy to loose the weight in comparison to keeping it off! You must have passed the ‘first three days’ by now – I’m sure you did well! Though don’t be too tough on yourself if you didn’t – it’s the hardest time of year to even think about losing weight! How much do you want to lose? Keep me posted on how you’re doing! xxx Good Luck xxx

      1. Thanks, Shar,

        It’s so difficult. Being a teacher I was given so many chocs and sweets. But at the moment all the boxes still remained unopened… am thinking of trying Diet Chef after Xmas. Is it easy to follow and is the food filling?


    1. Clare I would find that difficult too!!! I really enjoy being on Diet Chef – I eat sensible portions, three times a day and healthy snacks – I wont lie to you and tell you that it’s a gastronomical feast every day – but it is sufficiently tasty and filling to enable me to lose 4 stone in less than a year – I’ve never managed that on Weight Watchers or any weight loss regime – and I know that I can turn to Diet Chef when things get tough – like right now with Christmas on the horizon and all the parties and meals on the way to the Big Day! 🙂

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