‘Tis the Season to be struggling, struggling, STRUGGLING!

Oh my word! If you haven’t got it by now… I’ve been STRUGGLING! Why does it always have to be feast or famine? I can’t seem to find that middle ground, and this time of the year it all feels overwhelming and virtually impossible 😦 Being on Diet Chef ‘made’ me eat healthily and sensibly, I sat down to three meals a day and properly controlled healthy snacks…. sure I had my peanut butter days… who doesn’t? But any faux pas with the jar was always rectified the next day, and I kept on keeping on, but now… it’s like I’ve hit the creek full on… without the proverbial paddle! I’m stuffed… literally and metaphorically speaking 😦 somehow I’m managing to cling on to my target weight by a fine gossamer thread… I’m stressed with it all because I make myself cross, that I can’t get a grip, that I can’t say no!

Last weekend was a disaster – Saturday we went out with friends, I tried to be good, I really did… but I sustained an epic FAIL – even the salad I ordered was loaded with calories 😦 I couldn’t be good even when I tried! This weekend it’s going to be more festive fayre and I seem to be incapable of saying ‘no’

Making a Mockery of the word Salad...
I think I may have just cured myself from continuing this downward upward spiral… I just looked a some old photos – always enough to make me feel sober no matter how drunk on feasting I am! Enough is enough…….. I’m off to order a hamper of Diet Chef to see me through the rest of the festivities!
P.S. Yes…. those ARE dough balls you spotted in the corner of the picture!!!

6 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season to be struggling, struggling, STRUGGLING!

  1. Daisy! I know how you feel. I had a mega binge on holiday in Mexico. Eating and drinking anything and everything. I felt pretty rubbish for it after, but after wasting a day feeling sorry I kicked my ass and said tomorrow is another day. Take one day at a time and it will come together eventually.

    Betty xxx

    1. Betty I feel sooooo BAD! The thing is, you only did it on holiday – I feel like I’ve been doing it for months! I am getting a grip though – I’ve made a decision – I shall be blogging about it later! 😉 Thank you for your support as always!!! xxx

  2. Okay love… time to talk you down off of the ledge!

    Good News! The holidays are temporary… in fact, they’re drawing to a rapid close in the near future. Therefore, all you have to do is take it one day at a time as Betty says. And believe you me, I’m giving myself the same advice! I’ve had some days that were rife with calories, but on the days where I’m not going out or around big groups, I’m trying to be extra strict with my calories. I know I can’t be perfect every day, so I’m striving to balance it out and have some controlled naughtiness.

    Keep using MyFitnessPal, keep diarying what you’re eating–even on the “bad” days! And don’t think of them as bad days, they’re just another day like every other day. Keep exercising when you can–I’m not exercising much these days because it’s BUTT COLD here! Most importantly, don’t get down on yourself! Keep a positive attitude… a negative attitude will just perpetuate behavior you don’t want to repeat.

    Daisy, you’re gorgeous. Wear tight jeans and skinny dresses so that you’re motivated to stay comfortable in them. I find that’s a dumb, but brilliant, way to control some food consumption. But hang in there! You’ll make it!

    1. Beth 😦 I have gained 3lbs – I know that might not seem major, but it really feels like a major set back to me!!! It’s so funny that you should mention wearing tight jeans etc – I’ve been slumping around again in leggings!!! I haven’t been able to face squeezing into jeans – it is shocking the difference just 3lb makes – it’s simply the difference between comfort and discomfort!

      I think you are so right – I will be taking your advice on all levels!!!

      My Fitness Pal has been a thing of the past too – I’ve just not logged into it for days and days – and when I have logged in, I’ve not really used it properly.

      I’ve got to go and do dinner now – I can smell it cooking/burning lol but I’ll be back!!! Thank you for your kind words and your encouragement and very sensible advice – I truly, truly, need it and appreciate it!!!! xxx

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