Two Posts In One Day….

Just like waiting for a bus…………… you think one will never arrive and then suddenly you get two at the same time!

I know I’ve been notoriously bad at daily blogging in recent weeks – sometimes it’s been because I really have been fed up with myself and haven’t want to report back on my wanton gluttony……. but the last few weeks it’s been more about being busy getting Retro Daisy up and running! I now have a logo that was designed for me by an extremely talented young man called Andy Hanks – I’m thrilled to bits with ‘Daisy’ she’s exactly how I wanted her to be!

My Daisy! Designed by Andy Hanks
I’ve started a Facebook page and I would be so over the moon if you would stop by and ‘Like’ it! RETRO DAISY 
Also, I’ve managed to get the website up and running – I’m struggling a bit at the moment with the Online shop – simply because there is so much to put on it and it takes so much time to organise with photos etc… talking of which, I had a great photo shoot last Wednesday…. here are a couple of photos from the shoot – more can be seen on the Facebook page 🙂
The lovely Lauren modelling a gorgeous orignal early 1960’s dress
A faux vintage dress being modelled by Vicky with Marilyn getting in on the act!

The shopping is looking really good! I went along to check out the progress on Saturday morning and I just absolutely loved it – I can’t wait to get the dresses in there – I particularly love the ‘changing room’ the shop is small but I think the changing room is so cute 🙂 it was a real challenge to make the most of the space – but I feel so pleased with it and can’t wait to get in there and take some photos to share on here!



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