Bizi Daisy!

Ahhhhh a nice cup of tea and five minutes to myself! 🙂

Now, normally when you don’t hear from me for a week – it means I’m stressed and not doing so great… but thanks to OB’s suggestion of a 3 day focus – I weighed in at 10st 11lb on Tuesday – that’s 2lb off despite a few lapses of concentration, so I’m really happy with that. I can’t say I’m a hundred percent back on track… I’ve had a photo shoot to do and pictures to process, and I did hit the chocolate fix whilst I was working and it means I’ve barely left the house – so no exercise this week so far. I think it’s really going to be another couple of weeks before I can concentrate on myself again – there is too much to do with setting up the shop….. what’s that I hear you thinking? ‘oh yeah, excuses excuses….’ actually I just realised as I typed that – they ARE excuses…

Well you will never believe this……. I never got my full five minutes! I had to abandon my PC about 2 hrs ago and deal with something else! So……… where was I? Oh yes, making excuses… sometimes they are actually justified!

The most important thing here is… I pledge to do my best to make sure that a couple of pounds over target doesn’t roll into a stone!

The shop is getting ever closer to opening, I’m as excited as can be – but terribly nervous and anxious about it too! We had another photo shoot on Monday, modelling some of the vintage dresses.

Beautiful chiffon 1950's cocktail dress
Another 1950's evening dress in a golden caramel with black netting
One of my personal favourites - a simple floral 1950's cotton summer dress - so pretty!
gorgeous 1960's dresses in silky feel fabrics
So my plan for what’s left of the week… keep my focus and get in a couple of long walks over the weekend! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Bizi Daisy!

  1. Ahhh! haha! Well it does work – I weighed this morning and I’m still 10st 11lb – which has given me a boost as I thought I’d messed it up a bit the last couple of days! Always when I get a good weigh-in I mess up by thinking ‘okay I have all week to pull this back so I’ll just have that bar of chocolate….’

    Glad you love the dresses too 🙂 xxx

    1. SHONNIE SHONNIE SHONNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have missed you so much – it has been beyond hectic here – fraught, stressful, and totally challenging!!! I’m off to catch up on your blog!!! xxx

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