A Bit Good… and A Bit Bad…

That’s kind of how it’s all been… Started off bad at 11st 1lb… then it got good… I went down to 10st 12lbs… then…. after a massive detour along the way I went back to 10st 13lb – all in one week – so it’s been a bit good and a bit bad but on the whole it’s been good… I’m down to 10st 13lb so that means 2lb off in a week that has included my daughter’s birthday and a MASSIVE chocolate cake – we had a Chinese takeaway and I have to tell you the truth, I did eat a lot BUT I’ve still managed to lose 2lb and therefore the positive outweighs the negative.

Sunday night after my naughty Chinese and chocolate cake!
What really hasn’t helped this week is that on Monday my microwave blew up! It’s only 2yrs old but it’s out of the warranty – so I’ve not been able to have my DC – yes, I know I can heat it up on the hob – but I prefer to cook it in the microwave – so I’m now waiting for my new one to be delivered. I have been having my DC breakfast bars and shakes though – and today I went out and bought lots of fresh veg and fruit – I’d been slipping a bit on my 5 a day!
OHHHH and how could I almost forget…. Friday was my Granddaughter Abigails birthday!!! So… that was even more temptation… more cake and then Monday I took her out shopping after school for new shoes and clothes – then we had a treat of hot chocolates and muffins – well now, in light of forgetting that…. I think actually it’s been ALL GOOD under the circumstances! lol
Enjoying a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows 🙂
The shop has been amazing! I had a delivery yesterday of some beautiful items and I’ve been far too tempted by all the lovely things – but then isn’t that half the fun? 😉

2 thoughts on “A Bit Good… and A Bit Bad…

  1. Granddaughter’s such a cutie! Mine turns 4 on March 9. Chinese take-out (or “take-away” as you say) – definitely a guilty pleasure. Congrats on the overall loss, and good idea to stock up on fruits and veg!

  2. You’re looking great as always Daisy! Huge congrats on the shop too… Your courage to start a new business after getting the confidence too in your new healthy body is inspiring. The Chinese and muffins sound well deserved. Enjoy!
    Betty xxx

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