Friday 13th’s Fault?

I’m BACK! I mean it… I’m back to get it all BACK under control – before it all comes BACK! I stepped on the scales after a week of major food rioting – and I am paying for it – I did the crime, now I have to do the time! I weighed in at 11st 3lbs – I was horrified but not entirely surprised… in one week alone I’ve eaten a box of Thornton’s chocolates – a whole box to myself… 2 large chocolate Easter Eggs, a bar of Galaxy chocolate, a bar of dark Green’s organic chocolate (well come on… it was ORGANIC!) we had dinner out with friends, which included a 3 course Italian meal and 2 bottles of the most delicious Merlot, dinner at the Camden Bar & Kitchen, chocolate tiffin in Costa,  a tube of Pringles – cheese and sour cream… and the list goes on and on and on… that is just the tip of the food mountain I’ve ate my way through this week… I have no one else to blame but myself – it was beyond foolish!

One of the culprits responsible for my downfall!

 So here I am today – about to order a new hamper of Diet Chef and focus on getting a grip! I’m starting right from scratch – today being day 1 – part two! I have a little DC to tide me over – I started this morning with a dc porridge and have had a dc milkshake and a banana for lunch…. I’m STARVING – I’ve gotten used to filling up on rubbish again – so it’s going to be a body shock getting back on track! I’ve practically given up any form of exercise apart from lifting my arm to put food in my mouth… so I’ve changed my working hours to fit in with my new fitness regime – I’m going to get up every morning and go for a walk – yes I am!!! Then I may consider re-joining the gym!

In a few months time I’m off to Hollywood – no I haven’t been ‘discovered’ but you never know whilst I’m out there 😉 I don’t want to fly out with extra baggage! I want to be around 10st 3lb – but most of all I want to feel healthy! I’ve noticed over the months a deterioration in my skin, hair, energy levels – and a return of old tummy troubles – I know if I just ate fresh food in smaller portions with lots of lovely veggies and a little fruit – I’d be sure to feel better and lose weight BUT I can’t – I really can’t – that was why I was so successful on Diet Chef – because as soon as I have to take responsibility for my choices and my portion sizes – all sense just leaves the building! Even though DC is obviously processed food – and processed food is supposed to be something to avoid – somehow it makes me feel fantastic and look a million times better than when I’m left to my own devices!

So I'm starting again!

I’ll be back later with an update 🙂




8 thoughts on “Friday 13th’s Fault?

    1. Ahhh Shonnie – I’ve lost all my lovely muscle tone that I had gained – in such a short space of time I’ve got the jelly wobbles again and the dreaded back fat – but that’s not my actual weight I don’t think – I reckon it’s the exercise – or lack of! So you are struggling too? 😦 we are a right pair lol xxx we will beat it but it’s going to be a continual effort isn’t it? xxx

      1. Yes, mam life is a struggle. I am trying to build and gain muscle and stuff …. which causes weight gain. Then, I had horrific stress for several months and I seriously think that causes me to hold fat even if I am NOT screwing up. OH WELL. 😐

      2. YES!!! I so think that too – stress has a major impact on weight gain – it goes to your tummy it cortisol isn’t it that gets released by the body that lands up around the tummy area? I think I’ve got that right??? I am sorry you’ve had terrible stress 😦 I am also really really sorry I wasn’t there for you – been so wrapped up in stuff I haven’t looked above the mountain for so long 😦 xxx

  1. Yes, you look pretty fetching! But I completely understand the whole food temptation vs cut and dried choices. DC has been a great tool for you before and will be again I’m sure.

    I’m about ready to go out of town for a week and know that eating opportunities will be vast. Not feeling too resist-y right now, so think when I get back I’ll be refocusing on health and fitness for summer!

    1. Ahhh thank you OB – I can see myself shooting straight back up the scales though – and it makes me so unhappy – and I feel so unwell when I don’t eat the way I should – but greed and emotions take over and willpower just leaves the room – so I’m having to give myself a good talking too again!

      Enjoy your week on the town!!!! and yes – get back and refocus – don’t let one week snowball into months like I have xxx

      1. Yes, I think it’s the fear of an avalanche of backsliding even more than the actual pounds. Good luck with your new focus – you can be my role model when I return! 😉

  2. I will take the job as your role model very seriously OB!!! I wont let you down I promise! And in return… your job is NOT to backslide and for both of us to move forward with positive focus 🙂 I know we can do it! xxx Thank you for motivating me! xxx

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