Day 2 part 2 and I’m still at it!

Bet you wasn’t expecting THAT! Ha! Yes… my second day and I’m going strong – I didn’t manage to update last night because I worked until 1am – very tired – very tired right now, so forgive me my dear customers who come to the shop today – I’m looking a bit washed out due to lack of sleep!

So… yesterday… a total DIET CHEF day 🙂 including my beloved toast before I went to bed! It does normally help me sleep but I have a lot on my mind right now and I ended up in bed and over tired – not a good combination!

My ambition is to get my eating under control this coming week and then start the walking again – to do this I need to be more organised and in control of my day – not going to be easy but with the help of blogging I know that I did before and I can do it again 🙂

So… better get back to work – I’ll try to get back later with an update but if I don’t – I can assure you – one look at my back fat this morning has ensured that I’ll be staying on the straight and narrow…

A quick sneaky pic during a quiet moment in the shop today!

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