Sometimes… it has to get worse… before it gets better!

And it did… it got much worse… after I gave myself the 10lb in 10wks challenge… I gained almost 2lbs! I weighed in at 11st 4.8lbs and then… I got angry! The little ‘click’ went off in my head and that was that!!!! I weighed in this morning after a whole week of consistent dieting – which included putting EVERYTHING I ate/drank into My Fitness Pal – allowing myself 1200 cals a day – mixing Diet Chef with a low carb high protein diet… at…. an amazing…… 11st 1lb!!! That’s almost 4lb in one week! I’m exceeding happy with that!

This is absolutely IT for me now… I will be back to my goal weight very soon – even if I mess up along the way – I’ll get back on track as soon as I can!

Today has been a fantastic day – I’ve met some really interesting people (as I do most days at the shop!) and… it’s what would have been Marilyn Monroe’s 86th Birthday! How amazing is that? To think that 86 years have passed since Marilyn was born – and sadly out of that 86yrs – it’s almost 50 years since she died.

John came home this evening with two books he had bought me – two Marilyn books that I’ve been wanting for ages! I’m so excited I’m going to thoroughly enjoy looking through them and reading them – now that’s much better than a bar of chocolate – it truly is! 🙂

Well I shall keep this short – as it’s late but I wanted to register the weight loss and that fact that it’s the 1st June!

At Work 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sometimes… it has to get worse… before it gets better!

  1. Ditto me – I recently entered a weight loss challenge and promptly gained weight. Awk! I’m glad you had a good week and are on a positive path. Sounds like things will be fine – good job!

  2. I’m so proud of you for cracking down! I took your scolding to heart and got back to the gym myself. And it’s amazing how quickly the extra pounds I’m striving to unload without going back on formula peels off when I’m consistent with lowering my calories and increasing my exercise. And I can tell its the same for you! Look at us go!!! 🙂

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