10 Week Challenge? Don’t Make Me Laugh!

Well you know me… I’ve been on the downward spiral since Christmas… or should I say the upward spiral? I’ve epically failed my own challenge – though technically I think I still have 4 weeks to pull it out of the bag… but so far the only thing I have pulled out of the bag has been chocolate…

I don’t want to talk about my weight… it’s too depressing… but I’m not giving up!

Well it was my birthday on Thursday and I’m still in my 40’s…….. how cool is that? I had a FABULOUS day out in London – my daughter Hayley covered my shift in the shop and I had a busman’s holiday… I went shopping!

So this is what 49 looks like at 8am in the morning!
First Stop… Camomile Tea in Selfridges (oops and a chocolate cupcake – which was actually dry and horrible!)
I found Marilyn with a birthday cake – how perfect was that?
My favourite Hot Choc in Paul’s – it’s so thick you could stand a spoon up in it (well not really… but nearly 😉 )
Enjoying my birthday tipple… the second one 😉
You can’t have a birthday without a pressie can you now? 😉

So as you can see it was a day of total indulgence 🙂 and in a way, it was quite a turning point!

The next day – I decided to interview for new members of staff at Retro Daisy………

The first applicant… Skye… told me it has always been her ambition to work in fashion…

The second applicant…

Gracie Lu… told me she was only interested in the position if it included a company vehicle!
Skyeee and me 🙂

So… the plan is… to get positive and keep on keeping on! I’m also going to re-join the gym on Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “10 Week Challenge? Don’t Make Me Laugh!

  1. Happy birthday for last week Daisy! Love the photos, looks like you had a great day. Hope things are going well for you, you still look young and happy so you must be doing something right! 😀
    Betty xxx

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