Oops I did it again… but in a good way!!!

Well… I made it to the gym again – twice in 3 days, that has to be a total celebration after 9 months in sloth like state – previously my idea of exercise was getting up from the sofa to make a visit to the loo… so I can’t be doing to bad can I? Actually……… I’m well pleased with myself!!!!!!

On the other hand…. I succumbed this evening to Pie and Mash with green liquor!!! I worked it out at around 800 calories as I only had a small portion AND thank goodness for my gym visit – because it meant I still managed to stay within my daily calorie allowance – yet another reason to celebrate the gym!

Also, I’ve booked myself some salon treatments in preparation for my holiday! After the gym I had a 30min micro-dermobrasion facial – which despite the sound of it was amazingly relaxing and comfortable – I’m really getting excited now about the holiday 🙂 So I’m feeling much more positive than I have done lately – it’s amazing how much better you feel when you realise you can be in control if you truly want to be!

My second visit to the gym since joining on Sunday – feeling very happy with myself for once!

4 thoughts on “Oops I did it again… but in a good way!!!

  1. Honestly, you look hotter than S*&$ so I think I wouldn’t worry about it. If my side profile looked like yours I would just be callin’ myself hot stuff! hehehe.

  2. Thank you girls – but I feel I’ve been back peddling – I’m 11st 7lb again – I’ve eaten so much, so so much and I’m paying the price – and the price isn’t worth it – yet I have my ‘self destruct’ button pushed in 😦 xxx

  3. Do you have anyone nearby (husband, daughter, bestest friend, etc.) whom you can ask to drag you out of the house/shop for a walk? At the least, it gets you out and moving and it gets you away from the pantry and icebox. And I don’t know what time you open the shop, but try getting up early and taking a brisk walk around the neighborhood. I’ve found the days I exercise early in the morning I do better all day long. I’m not exercising at the moment do to the entire BP brouhaha, but I’m most successful when I employ the early morning jaunt routine. And it might help if there’s someone right next to you cheering you on.

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